Monocle is a 2D physics-based puzzle platformer featuring a novel game mechanic whereby player is able to control the physical nature of the objects within the world based on their color. With various and interesting levels, Monocle is a game that will entertain you with its challenging puzzles and comedic art-style!

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Monocle is still in-development. The development blog has plenty of news, screenshots, videos, and gameplay updates to keep you up-to-date with how development is going! Check it out!

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Physics-based Gameplay.Challenging levels and puzzles!

Monocle grants the user control over a physics-based world, with the ability to control the physical nature of objects within the world by color. This novel game mechanic gives rise to fun and challenging puzzles!

Gameplay Screenshot 1

Gameplay Screenshot 2

Visually appealing.Comedy-themed Art Style.

Featuring an original art-style that has been revamped since its first conception, Monocle provides the player with a comedy-themed and visually appealing game world to engage and interact with.

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